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From Jazz to Flamenco, Fusion to Bossa Nova, Blues to Choro, Rock, Pop or French songs, here are few projects in which you can listen to Jérôme Peyrelevade's harps.

The projects

Jérôme Peyrelevade


The harmonicist's first album has just been released. It is a jazzy project, mix of swing, groove & fusion, with a great band and special guests.

Small Is Beautiful

with Chris Boyé & La Doum


The trio rearrange great & sometimes forgotten old french songs, as well as english pop, like a bridge between Aznavour & the Beatles, Sting & Léo Ferré.

Antonio Valdès y sus pirañas


It's delighting to be one of Antonio's piranhas when one can swim so freely in the waves of such an inspiring music !

Mixture of Jazz and Flamenco, African Blues and Peruvian Waltz, discover this sensitive and unique universe.

Choro Azur

Chris Boyé


Project under construction, based on Brazilian compositions by Chris Boyé.


Gilles Zanella, Mina Barra, Jérôme Peyrelevade


Three sound spectrums in interaction: Mina's voice, between tension and tenderness, Gilles' classical guitar, offering rich medium frequencies, and Jerome's harmonica, warm and deep.


The trio offers an invitation to travel, the melodic line as a musical azimuth. The music is developped in the moment, according to the joint emotions of the three musicians.

Also as a guest

One can also listen to Jerome in different bands & different kind of musics, depending on privileged moments of sharings proposed by other musicians from all cultures.


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