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Sonikete Azul

Antonio Valdes, Spanish composer and saxophonist, achieved the most original musical project.

He brought together five musicians with radically different backgrounds, to play a surprising, dynamic and full of meaning music, fusion of Flamenco, Jazz and Latin musics.


It's a multi-cultural crew that composes the project, from Spain to Cameroon, Guadeloupe to Marseille, musicians who come from all regions and all musics, Flamenco, Blues, Jazz, Salsa, Funk , Classical ... each one proposing a specific color, always aiming the cohesion of an original set, and the highlight of Antonio Valdes music uniqueness.


CD has just been released !

The team
Antonio Valdès


Willy Quicko

Bass & double bass

Jérôme Peyrelevade

Diatonic harmonica

Laurent Elbaz


Pierre-Auguste Bona


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