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Somewhere On The Edge Of Time

First album of the harmonicist, Somewhere On The Edge Of Time evoluates between Swing, Groove & Fusion. Served by a wonderful & exclusive team, this album is also an occasion to get another view of this suprising instrument with unlimited possibilities : the diatonic harmonica.


Nine compositions summarizing the universe of J. Peyrelevade : a classical heritage (This & There, Someday Is A Lonely Day), moving in a more contemporary melodic development (Brodur & I, Nadia 's Nights), a groovy tribute to masters Miles Davis (A Few Miles Away) and Muddy Waters (Nabish ' Moy , the classic blues totally reinvented here) , and the exploration of modern & dynamic fusion (17 , Somewhere On The Edge Of Time , Red Eye 813).

Jérôme Peyrelevade :diatonic harmonica
Nicolas Espinasse : guitars
Dominique Di Piazza : bass
Rémi Toulon : piano, Fender Rhodes
Jean-Luc Arramy : double bass
Pierre-Auguste Bona : drums
Chris Boyé : guitar
Sébastien Charlier : diato-electric harmonica
The team
Jérôme Peyrelevade

Diatonic harmonica

Dominique Di Piazza


Nicolas Espinasse


Jean-Luc Arramy

Double bass

Sébastien Charlier
Sébastien Charlier

Diatonic harmonica

Rémi Toulon

Piano / Fender Rhodes

Pierre-Auguste Bona


Chris Boyé


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